Jobs in Canada with 100k+ Salaries in July 2024

Jobs in Canada

Apply now for current ongoing Jobs in Canada with 100k+ Salaries in July 2024. Canada is a nation known for its flourishing economy and promising employment landscape, beckons individuals seeking well-compensated job opportunities in 2024.

In this regard, we spotlight various jobs that offer lucrative salaries exceeding CAD 100,000 annually.

If you are contemplating a prosperous career in Canada, this guide will assist you in identifying the top job sectors that grant substantial incomes. Moreover, get acquainted with the essential qualifications and organizations where you can envision a rewarding future.

Listing the Top High-Paying Jobs in Canada in 2024

1. Mechanical Engineer Jobs in Canada (Up to $140,000/year)

A career in mechanical engineering not only promises a respectable position but also offers a lucrative salary package in Canada.

Generally, the yearly income in this field fluctuates between $80,000 and $140,000.

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2. University Professor Jobs in Canada (Up to $124,345/year)

Being a university professor in Canada opens doors to not only imparting knowledge but also to a promising salary structure, ranging from $83,000 to $124,345 annually.

3. Conservation Officer Jobs in Canada (Up to $200,000/year)

Conservation officers in Canada have the privilege of receiving a significant remuneration, generally falling between $200,000 and $220,000 yearly.

4. Realtor Jobs in Canada (Up to $250,000/year)

If property management is your forte, the thriving real estate sector in Canada promises numerous opportunities, with salaries spanning from $80,000 to $250,000 per year.

  • Qualifications: Holding a RECO license along with a deep understanding of market trends, proficient communication skills, and an established career in the Canadian real estate sector.
  • Potential Employers:

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Canada, often referred to as the land of boundless opportunities, holds a promising future for job seekers aiming to land high-paying roles in 2024. Its robust economy, coupled with numerous benefits and high employment rates, make Canada a hotspot for individuals seeking prosperous careers. Embark on your journey to securing a high-paying job in Canada and pave the way for a fulfilling and affluent career.

(The information in this article has been accumulated considering the trends and market analyses of July 2024. Salaries may vary based on the specific qualifications, experiences, and companies.)


1. What is the process of applying for jobs in Canada as an international applicant?

As an international applicant, the first step is to secure a valid work permit or visa. Once that’s obtained, you can apply for jobs through various platforms such as company websites, job portals, or through recruitment agencies. It’s also beneficial to have your credentials assessed by the relevant Canadian institutions to ensure they meet the Canadian standards.

2. What other benefits, apart from the high salary, can one expect while working in Canada?

Apart from the attractive salary packages, employees in Canada often enjoy other benefits such as healthcare coverage, retirement benefits, paid vacations, and parental leaves. Moreover, many employers also offer professional development opportunities and wellness programs.

3. What is the significance of having a RECO license for Realtor Jobs in Canada?

Having a RECO (Real Estate Council of Ontario) license signifies that the realtor has met the required  educational qualifications and adheres to the professional standards set by the council. It is a mandatory requirement for practicing real estate in Ontario, Canada, ensuring credibility and reliability in the real estate sector.

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